The Association for Clinical Oncology (Association/ASCO) is one of the nation’s leading organization's supporting high-quality cancer care, cancer-focused research, and the cancer care delivery team. The ASCO Association political action committee (PAC) helps us influence positive change on Capitol Hill for the cancer care community. The PAC provides us with a collective voice in the political arena by allowing us to support the campaigns of candidates who understand the importance of our work in oncology and how it impacts the patients we treat. With financial contributions from U.S. ASCO members, we are able to support candidates that fight for legislation that positively impacts the oncology community.  

If you are a U.S. ASCO member, you can log into your ASCO account to explore the rest of the PAC website and get involved!

The Founding
In 2020, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (Society) launched the Association for Clinical Oncology (Association), a 501(c)(6) professional association that enables expanded advocacy activities and increases the impact of efforts directed towards policymakers in support of high-quality patient care.  At that time, all members of the Society also became members of the Association – this type of dual membership is known as reciprocal membership.  For more information about the Association, its activities, and dual membership, please read the Association FAQs.

The Association then established a political action committee (PAC) called the ASCO Association PAC. Please note that the Society, a 501(c)(3) organization, is not involved in the creation or operation of the ASCO Association PAC.

The Benefits of a PAC
The ASCO Association PAC provides members with enhanced opportunities to engage with lawmakers on the challenges and current realities facing the U.S. cancer care delivery system and cancer research enterprise. It is critical that the Association and our members help shape legislation that impacts your ability to provide high-quality cancer care to the approximately 1.8 million people in the United States who will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

Our mission is more urgent than ever in a time of fast-moving science, changes in the healthcare system, cost increases, and other pressures. Affording us a unified voice in the political arena, the ASCO Association PAC allows us to support the campaigns of candidates who understand the importance of cancer care and research, and the needs of individuals with cancer. With so many interests attempting to influence healthcare policy daily, it is important to ensure that our voice is heard. And, our voice is stronger together.